This work I do in the world is fueled by coffee.

And coffee? It costs money!

How can you support my coffee addiction me in putting my work out in the world? By choosing PayPal or Patreon!

Which One Do I Choose?

  1. What is Patreon?

    It’s a platform that allows people like you to financially support people like me as we go about our work in the world.

  2. How is Patreon different from a donation via PayPal?

    You get stuff. Via PayPal, you make a donation and that’s it. On Patreon, you will have access to everything I write - blogs, articles, Mama Mail, the Podcast, and my entire video library.

  3. How much does Patreon cost me?

    Whatever you want! You can become a Patron for as little as $1 per month (that’s just $12/year!)

  4. Does Patreon help more than a PayPal donation?

    Yes! Every dollar helps either way, and every member of my community is valuable to me. But book publishers LOVE to see writers with high numbers of Patrons!

  5. How much should I pledge?

    You can pledge as much or as little as you want. From $1/month to a million, if you have more and want to pledge more, please do!

  6. How long am I committed?

    Whether you choose PayPal or Patreon, you can edit your pledge at any time - going up or down as your personal situation allows. You can also cancel your pledge at any time through either platform.

  7. OK, awesome! How do I sign up?

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Thank you for supporting me mama.