Today is my birthday, so it seems only fitting that today is the very first day that The Postpartum Mama 'goes live'.  Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. You get to do what you want and go where you want and eat what you want. For a control freak person who enjoys a modicum of control it's pretty much the perfect day. Birthdays are great, they are awesome. Birth, on the other hand, is GREAT and AWESOME. It is huge and awe inspiring and hard and life changing and scarring and devastating. Or at least it has been for me. The births of my children - the differences and the similarities - are what led me down the path to creating this site.  The birth of this site has been a whole journey in and of itself.

I am stepping out on faith. I have faith that my words are needed, that there are mamas out there who need to hear that they aren't alone. I have faith that there are people waiting right now who want to become more themselves and who want to explore self-care with me. I have faith that my advocacy for mental health in the black community comes at a time when it is needed. I have faith.

And yet...

In creating this site I have been pushed past my limits, exhausted, exhilarated, excited and terrified. I have no idea how to do something this big, even though I have plenty of guidance and help. In so, so many ways this has been just like childbirth for me (no stitches this time though). So now I introduce the world to my baby - The Postpartum Mama. Please take a look around, check out the YouTube Channel and our Facebook group. I can promise you one thing - this will NOT be boring.

And now that you've met the baby I have to say a bit about the dad. Just like with our actual children, I could not have made this without him (what? that was funny!) This man, y'all - I just love him.  Look up partner in the dictionary and you'll find his picture. Whatever I've needed while trying to bring this dream of mine into the world - he has figured out a way to help me get it. He's made time, money, support, food and beer just appear out of thin air sometimes when I needed them most. He sees what this means to me and he's on board. HE SEES ME. That is big. This is the inside of the card I got for my birthday this morning - I'm putting it here because this card made me almost as excited as the Hamilton tickets that were inside it.

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Day One to TPM. THANK YOU Adam. Buckle up, kiddos, and let's go!

Graeme Seabrook