Are You Worthy?

What if you were worthy? How would that change your life? What if you were worthy of being loved. Even when you don't love yourself.

What if you were worthy of time? Even when it feels like there isn't any.

What if you were worthy of space? Even if you need to stretch out your elbows to get it.

What if you were worthy of comfort? Even when everything hurts.

What if you were worthy of money? Even when you aren't bringing any into your family.

What if you were worthy of rest?

Of respect?

Of silliness and laughter and joy?

Of hugs?

Of seriously amazing orgasms. (Yeah, I SAID IT)

Of time alone?

Of support?

Of health?

Of happiness?

What if you were simply worthy of these things, these feelings, these luxuries - no matter what you did or did not do? What if you didn't need to earn anything, but believed in every fiber of your being that YOU ARE WORTHY.

What would your life look like then? What would change?

How would everything be different if we each started from a place of worth? I know that I enter my days from a place of need, usually. The list of things I need to get done starts running through my head before I open my eyes. The knowledge that I don't have the tools or the time I need to get everything done follows me throughout my day. The needs of my family, my friends, my clients find me and cling to me. And my children - I am constantly thinking about what my children needed yesterday, what they need now, and what they will need tomorrow.

How would the script of my days change if I was firmly planted in a place of worth? If I was worth getting up a few minutes early so that I could enjoy the silent house? If I was worth sleeping in a few minutes late. How would the arc of my life change if I felt that I was truly worth the time and energy of my mentors and the attention and money of my clients?

What would life be like if we didn't apologize for our needs? If we stood grounded in our worth as human beings and saw the inherent worth in others, could we then change the world?

What do you think? What do you feel unworthy of now? How would you like to change that?

Graeme Seabrook