More Than The Mental Load


I’ve been reading a lot lately about the mental load of motherhood. And I’m glad. We have got to have conversations about the expectations of mothers and how we navigate them.

I also want to talk about the emotional load.

And the physical load.


The MotherLoad.

These things can’t be separated - it isn’t just being the one to remember that laundry needs to be done or your kid won’t have the right shirt to wear for Spirit Day. It’s about the physical act of doing that laundry on top of all of the other things you do in a day. It’s about how isolating it feels to be the only one in your household remembering or doing. It’s about being expected to be that person, by yourself and everyone in your house - and not knowing where that expectation came from. It’s the fact that your partner or spouse moves through the world without this weight specifically because you’re carrying it. These are all threads in a weave that tie the Motherload tight to the shoulders of mothers.

They are all invisible, but we feel their weight.

Quite honestly, I’m tired of carrying them. I never made a conscious choice to pick up these loads. But I can choose to burn through the knots and toss the load off of my back.

The question has always been how. HOW do you set down something that is invisible and walk away from it without others tripping over it? Who will pick it up? Doesn’t someone have to carry this shit?


First, I just want you to call it what it is. It is more than the mental load - THE MOTHERLOAD.

We’re going to talk about how we got here. We’ll work through exactly what is in your Motherload and how it may be different from mine. And we will, absolutely, untie that shit and toss it off of our backs. Are you ready?

Get started by clicking on the button below and joining the #MyMotherload Challenge. It’s free and it will start to change your life in just minutes. Let’s do this!

Graeme SeabrookComment