My #Momfirmations Journey

I can’t remember when I wrote the first one. At first, they were just things I said - over and over and over until my clients were rolling their eyes at me. Some of them come from essays I’ve written, they are the little nuggets of truth, the point that those hundreds of words were trying to express.

Over time they became a Google doc.

Then a folder.

Then an idea.

I recommend affirmation card decks to my clients all the time! They are a wonderful part of a daily or weekly self care practice. You can pull one each morning to ground yourself. You can pull one each night to help you reflect on your day and prepare for the next. You can use them as a theme for your week, as a conversation starter with your spouse or partner, you can use them with your mom friends, or you can even use them with your therapist or coach to highlight an issue you’d like to work through.

So - if I love affirmation cards so much AND if I have all of these affirmations that I’d written why didn’t I just make my own deck?!?

Well, because I’m human and just like you I have insecurities and worries. What if no one cared about what I wrote? What if no artist wanted to work with me to design the cards? What if everyone thought I was just hopping on a bandwagon? What if I did all this work and offered the cards to the world and then SILENCE?!?!

Those what ifs kept me frozen for a long time. Until I was being interviewed on a podcast and I spoke one of the affirmations out loud and the host just stopped for a moment. She didn’t say anything. Then she said, “Wow. Thank you for that” and her voiced sounded like she was a little choked up.

You were born worthy of time, love, care, and protection. Nothing you have done, nothing that has happened to you from the time you were born until the time you are reading this changes that. Your worth is intrinsic and immutable.

-Graeme Seabrook

At that point I knew that these cards had to happen. There is a mom out there who needs to be told that she is worthy. There is a mom out there who needs to know that they count. There is a mom out there who needs a reminder of their humanity and that they are worth fighting for. These moms are why I do this work and why I made these cards.

And so I reached out to another mom, artist Natalyn Bradshaw, and asked her if she would help me to create the artwork for the cards. She was my first choice and while I was trying to think of anyone else I wanted to work with when she inevitably said no, she said yes!

Then I had to actually create the cards. With computer things and technology stuff. As evidenced by that last sentence I am clearly an expert at all of this… so of courseI asked for more help! Another mama, Tiana Dodson, came through with fabulous photoshop skills and suddenly we had actual cards!

While all of this was happening I shared the #Momfirmations each day on my Instagram and Facebook pages and the response was amazing. Over and over moms were affirming to me that these words are what they want and need right now. They, you, helped me push through my doubts and insecurities and impostor blah blah blahs.

And now here they are. You can buy a #Momfirmations Card Deck right now, today. Part of me still can’t believe that, still can’t believe I’m holding them in my hands. But really, I can’t wait until you’re holding them in your hands.

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