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Mother's Bill of Rights: Visibility

We don't see mothers, not really. We see the archetypes, we see the Facebook and Instagram feeds, we see the presentations of mothers. We make assumptions based on a few pictures or a few minutes in line at the grocery store. We judge mothers so harshly that it is scary for a mother to step out bravely into the truth of their motherhood journey and be seen. Visibility is a vulnerability, yes, but there is also power in it.

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Mother's Bill of Rights: Desire

You don't need to 'get your body back' in order to be worthy of desire. The ideas that you grew up with about what is sexy may not have included motherhood. Patriarchy loves a binary and Madonna/Whore is a classic. But you need to know that your level of sexual desire is not wrong, or bad, or selfish, or dirty. You are not a prude or a whore and you are not dried up or washed out. You're just you. Still you. Always you.

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Mother's Bill of Rights: Respect

Any way that you look at it we do not respect mothers or mothering in our society. We, the mothers, don’t even fully respect the work we’re doing as we do it. How many times have you needed a break that you didn’t ask for because you didn’t want to seem needy or weak?

How many times have you said, “I don’t know why I’m so tired”?

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