We were never meant to do this motherhood thing alone.

And I think that’s why so many of us struggle with it.

We’re doing it alone.

And so we start to think we’re doing it wrong or that everyone else is doing it better. We think we’re wrong or bad or weak… that we just haven’t figured out how to crack the code of motherhood. Maybe everyone else read a different book?

Look mama. You are not wrong. You are not bad. You are not weak. You are not broken. And you are not exaggerating.

It really is this hard, and sometimes it really does suck, and yes, they are all lying when they say it doesn’t.

I’m Graeme and I’ve got your back, mama.

I’m the mom for moms, and I love my job. I’m a mom of two and I’m a veteran of more years of therapy than either of us can count. There’s one thing I know to be absolutely true: What your kids need most is for you to take care of yourself.

To do that you need…

To be seen.

To be heard.

To be affirmed.

We need community. We need to be able to share this experience with others. We need witnesses and co-conspirators who can help us fill and fulfill ourselves. And this is what allows us to become the mothers we want to be, and have the experience of motherhood we have been craving.

There is no universal experience of motherhood, no hard and fast rules, no real way to know that we’re doing any of this right until after we’ve done it. For each of us, it’s different. But in my work, I’ve discovered there are 5 types of moms, with their own distinct set of needs.

So - what kind of mom are you, and what do you need?
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