Motherload Liberation


As mothers, society teaches us that our worth is determined by how heavy the load is we carry. We are forced to choose: personhood or motherhood. We’re told we can “have it all” but no one tells us how. We face never ending judgment - at work, at home, from friends, from family, even from ourselves. But we know there’s more to life than the load we carry as mothers, and now is the time to share that load with the rest of the world.

What load are you carrying?

Are you living in a constant state of overwhelm, sure that everyone else knows some secret about motherhood that you don’t?

Feeling like a failure when things fall through the cracks.

Are resentment, guilt, and anger tainting your experience of motherhood?

Be liberated from the Motherload!

Mother Load Liberation is a 6 week course you can take from your couch or your favorite coffee shop. You don’t have to do anything special, simply make time for YOU. This special experience will help you unpack the physical, mental, and emotional load of motherhood. Your voice deserves to be heard, and you do not have to carry the load in silence. You are not invisible, and I’m here to help you let the world know this.

There’s a better way to do motherhood - Motherload Liberation is it.

In Motherload Liberation, you will learn how to:

  1. See your household clearly - how you got here and where you want to go

  2. Identify exactly what you want from your spouse/partner and how to get it

  3. Create a parenting relationship that works for both partners

  4. Set clear boundaries

  5. Stop parenting your partner

  6. Have transformative conversations with your partner

  7. Break free of the unconscious rut and make conscious choices about how your family works

Motherload Liberation is for you, if you:

  • are solely responsible for organizing and keeping  the family on a calendar

  • set, execute, and maintain doctor and dentist appointments

  • schedule most or all of school related meetings including  parent/teacher conferences

  • assume parental duty on all or most sick days to include cooking, cleaning, and nursing while your spouse continues their normal routine

  • assist with homework, school projects, and other school activities while your spouse or partner passively watches nearby

  • Identify and maintain allergies and other medical concerns by often sending reminders to those who should be aware of the information

  • Attend and participate in activities with the kids by default while others get an option

  • Must choose and/or become childcare at all times (give or take a trip to Target)

Are you ready to do motherhood differently?

Martyr moms, super moms, confused moms, and frazzled moms can all become LIBERATED moms.

Motherload Liberation Course includes:

-6 weeks of guided coaching with a certified coach

-weekly live workshops

-weekly live Q&A sessions

- all sessions will be recorded and available at your convenience

-a private network of moms just like you

EARLY BIRD OFFER: Enroll before April 15 and you’ll also get a free 45 minute session with course creator and coach, Graeme Seabrook, after the course to help you implement all you’ve learned.

Enroll BEFORE April 15th for only $250 (or three payments of $100/month). Class starts April 24th!