Recovery is only the beginning

I created Recovering From Recovery specifically for mothers who are survivors of postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis, and/or PTSD.

That you? You’re in the right place, mama.


All I ever wanted to be was a mom.

Until it happened. I got my wish and it was NOTHING like I thought it would be. The depression, anxiety, trauma, panic, flashbacks - numbness, rage, fear, pain - these are the things motherhood brought me.

There was a wall between me and the rest of the world. It was summer in the south and suddenly everything in my life was too bright, too hot, too much. I closed the door to my house and my heart, and I shut the world out.

Fall brought recovery. Doing the work in therapy and at home. Taking my meds. Eating. Sleeping. Learning about my broken brain and learning to mend my broken life. Fall was a time of rebuilding. And it’s still my favorite time of year.

And yet, it was a summer day four years ago when I came to the revelation that led me here. I met therapist Kate Kripke at a conference for survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She said the next part of our journey was to “recover from recovery”.

I don’t know if she was the first to coin the phrase, but she was the first to say it to me. It changed my life and I will be forever grateful.


After Recovery

I had my life back. But I was terrified of losing it all. My only experience of motherhood had been trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and recovery.

I felt like a brand new mom again, learning to navigate life as a healthy mama.

Focusing on resiliency led me to a new level of recovery and a new understanding of myself. A new level of healing and freedom.

Then - I start focusing on this work with my clients.

I wanted to know if these principles would still help mamas with kids who were elementary school age, middle school aged, and beyond. And the answer is yes.

What tied us together is how our motherhood began - not how old our children happen to be now.

Recovering from Recovery is the next step in the healing process for recovering from maternal mental illness.


This is for you…

…If you consider yourself a survivor of a maternal mental illness
…If you use the word ‘had’ to describe your experience
…If your experience was years ago, your children are older, and you know it still affects you this is for you
…If you are newly healed and just beginning life after recovery
…If your postpartum anxiety is now generalized anxiety or if your postpartum depression is now clinical depression
…If you never told anyone about your experience, this is for you.
…If you are an advocate and peer supporter
…If you are a therapist or coach who is wonderful at helping others but needs some help for yourself
…If you lived through postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis or a traumatic birth and you want support to help live a happier, healthier life

You do NOT have to have been officially diagnosed. You do NOT have to consider yourself fully healed. You do NOT have to be “finished” with therapy, medication, or anything else that helps you to be healthy.

In 2017 I took the first class through the Recovering From Recovery Program.
Here is a little of what they had to say about it:


Solidarity is always nice. Having a set topic with assignments to keep me on track. But also allowing the group conversation to flow not only with the topic, but with a “what’s up this week”. Recovery is an ongoing process, and this group helps you think of things that could pop up in the future, and how to handle them. It also really helps with self-care, as well as getting stuff in line in the here-and-now so your recovery CAN continue. Also, Graeme is AWESOME!
— Samantha, mom of one
I know so many mamas who are functioning but not thriving...one group that would especially benefit are preemie mamas. It’s deep work, not easy work, but gigantic rewards. And Graeme is really fun and there’s a good mix of humor, so it feels hopeful and doable.
— Lisa, mom of two
For anyone who has felt broken and is ready to take back control, this group will help you find a better normal than you had before. It will remind you how powerful you can really be in your own life.
— Sara, mom of one

Oh mama,

I know the fear that comes with every bad day - that this is the one that will send you spiraling. I know you’re trying desperately to make up for those early months (or years).

It does NOT have to be this way.

There is another layer of healing.

And you do not have to go there alone.

Join us.