The self care method Graeme has developed is life changing... as in this method has improved the quality of my life so exponentially that I’m eagerly anticipating my future. It has filled a need in me for affirmation, empathy, and kindness. Guess who gives me those things now? Me. 
I am empowered to be my own foundation of trust. The exchange of support and wisdom with people working on their own self care journey has given me confidence and a beautiful sense of belonging.
I’m not spoiled. At 43 years old, I am meeting my own needs for the first time in my life.


I didn’t know what to expect from my first coaching experience with Graeme. She made me feel so comfortable – like we’ve known each other forever. She was able to quickly get to the root of what I needed and gave me some clear steps to follow. She helped me to see where I’m doing well and where I can also make improvements to increase my happiness and effectiveness. The time flew by and I felt so much more on track after our call.


I totally loved my session with Graeme, during which we worked through my intense feelings of guilt for doing things for myself because I have been mentally giving all of my time to my husband and feel like I owe it to him to have all of my focus. Graeme encouraged me to take up space in my relationship and ask for what I need. I’m writing this review while waiting on a friend for a lunch date!  It’ll take some work but I am feeling more confident in the fact that I deserve to take care of myself – and expect my partner to help facilitate this self-care.

Graeme helped me by working through what the boundaries could be and how to get my partner involved in enforcing them. I set a boundary that I wasn't going to be alone with his mom. And I've been enforcing it. And it makes our visits much less stressful for me! I never thought of that as an option until we talked through it. 


Graeme helped me to address a work issue that’s been troubling me for a year with solution based support. I so appreciate her upfront commitment to anti capitalism, anti racism and support for moms of all genders and sexual orientations. Working with Graeme has given me tools for taking action on things that are hurting me.


One of my favorite components of The Mom Center is the monthly video call. Each call has been an invitation to gently explore and ask myself questions I’ve been shying away from. I find myself noticing and subtly integrating the answers into my life. As a mom, I don’t need a lot of a-ha moments that stop me in my tracks and send me on a soul-searching backpacking trip (through Target, I mean). I need to recognize and shift unhelpful patterns so I can make long-term sustainable changes. The Mom Center is helping me do exactly that.