Your name is not “mommy”. You did not give up your humanity when you became a mom.

We each have our own ideas about what our motherhood experience will be. How our relationships with our children and our partners and our family and friends will be… how our relationship to ourselves will be.

But from the moment we learn we’re becoming mothers, everything seems to change.

Society - the media - social media - our friends and family - all contribute to the expectation that we are now “mommy” and nothing else matters anymore. No longer an individual, “mommy” is expected to be a superhero.

Our schedules get busier, our heads start to spin, and it feels like EVERYONE needs a piece of us… until we have no pieces left to give and we feel we’ve lost ourselves in the process.

It doesn’t have to be this way mama. I promise it can be different.

One of my strongest gifts is my ability to create supportive, loving, uplifting communities.

And that’s what I’ve created with The Mom Center.

It’s not another Facebook group where you’ll be inundated with sales posts and stuff you don’t really care about.

Nope. The Mom Center is all about YOU. A place where you can simply be. You can breathe.

Mothers are the linchpin of the family, the hub of the wheel. We cannot afford to continue moving forward without focusing on our own lives and ourselves. We must nourish ourselves as full humans in our own right.

  • In this place, your humanity is unquestioned. You can be honest about your motherhood journey and your life. Without judgment

  • In this place, your needs are important. You don't have to feel selfish for focusing on you

  • In this place your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is paramount. You'll get support and inspiration to make caring for yourself paramount

  • In this place, you will be heard. You can share your hopes, dreams, and frustrations

  • In this place, you will find guidance. You'll get coaching and help to keep you on track

So Graeme gave me great advice. I’m stubborn, and it took me a while to make it happen. So glad I talked to my family and asked for what I needed. I went to a storytelling workshop this morning that was facilitated by a dear friend in the heart of the city of Milwaukee. It was fantastic, and it filled up my cup. I found my lost writing and storytelling mojo.
— Jen G.

The Mom Center is the place where we and connect with amazing moms going through similar experiences. It’s a space of learning, support, and growth. A place where we can shift the focus from our families to ourselves. Where we rediscover who we are, connect with ourselves, and can be held and loved and supported by our amazing community (and me, of course!).

Here, we share our wins and our struggles, and we know none of us never has to go it alone.

Welcome to YOUR village, mama. We’ve been waiting for you!

I joined the Mom Center because Graeme’s coaching changed my life.
— Mom of an Elementary Schooler

You don’t have to keep trying to figure it out all on your own. You don’t have to keep looking in book after book after article after podcast after workbook after documentary after blog post searching for the key, for the thing that will put your life back into your hands.

This is it. This is where things change.
This is where YOU come back into your life.


I joined because Recovering from Recovery set me on a path that I want to continue. Plus, she (meaning Graeme) is really fun while being really genuine...and she seems to bring together some amazing folks, so I wanted to be part of all that. Momming can be lonely, and I crave community. This seems like a great place to be part of one.
— Lisa S.
  • $35/month or $350/year

  • 7-day free trial with full access to everything

  • Weekly Lessons

  • Group Coaching

  • Community Support

  • Resource Library (so you don’t have to search the whole internet for answers!)

  • 24/7 access to the community via Website and App so you are  never alone (even at 2am when your baby is awake and you’re crying)

  • Closed network with no ads or distractions (no zombie scroll!)

PLUS here’s some of the encouragement and support you’ll receive from other moms in The Mom Center:

This resonates with me so much. Holding space for you
— Mom of Elementary Schooler
Friend breakups are so painful. So for sure holding space for this pain.
— Mom of Elementary Schooler
Thank you for sharing this! Searching for a job is a drag (at best). Your outlook is inspiring and hopeful. Thank you for putting this out to the universe
— Mom of Middle Schooler