Episode 10 - Drisana McDaniel and The Beauty of Motherhood

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Dru is one of the mamas I miss most from Charleston. She is that friend who is deeply beautiful inside and out and who, by seeing the beauty in you, helps you to see it in yourself. I adore her. Listen and you'll see why.

Drisana McDaniel is the mother of three incredible humans, a career makeup artist, and a co-founding member-owner of the Transformative Teaching Collective — where she facilitates intergroup dialogue around topics of racial and social justice for the purpose of healing.

At the center of her worldview is an urgency of living with audacity, curiosity, compassion and empathy. Her projects and events illuminate the often-invisible, nuanced and complex interior lives and voices of marginalized and historically oppressed folk.

She has served on the Women and Gender Studies community board at the College of Charleston for the last five years. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina by way of Atlanta Georgia, West Germany, Denver Colorado, and Northern California.