Episode 7 - Shannon Dingle

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Shannon is another online friend who turned into an offline friend. In this episode we dig into adoption, race, mental health, religion, politics, sarcasm, and ALL THE TOUCHING that comes with having kids. She is a fierce, funny, and fabulous mom of six kiddos. Over the course of our friendship Shannon has grown and changed and done so with unfailing honesty and grace. She owns up to her shit, y'all, and she inspires the hell out of me.

Shannon Dingle is an author, journalist, & activist who breaks the rules about what's appropriate to discuss in public & what isn't. She doesn't shy away from the hard places, from politics & privilege to trauma & disability. She lives with her spouse & their six children in Raleigh, NC. Her first book will be coming out in winter 2021 with HarperOne.

You can check her out at her website and follow her on Facebook.

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