Episode 10 - Drisana McDaniel and The Beauty of Motherhood

Dru is one of the mamas I miss most from Charleston. She is that friend who is deeply beautiful inside and out and who, by seeing the beauty in you, helps you to see it in yourself. I adore her. Listen and you'll see why.

Drisana McDaniel is the mother of three incredible humans, a career makeup artist, and a co-founding member-owner of the Transformative Teaching Collective — where she facilitates intergroup dialogue around topics of racial and social justice for the purpose of healing.

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Episode 9 - Saira Rao and White Supremacy

This week I’m talking to Saira Rao about politics, race, and change. Saira Rao is a racial justice activist, former congressional candidate, and co-founder of In This Together Media, Race2Dinner and Healing from Hate. Rao's upcoming memoir, BROKEN NEWS, will be published in Spring 2020.

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